Comic for Thursday, Sep 27, 2018


Posted September 27, 2018 at 12:24 am

I should probably had guys drink magic tea that gives them exaggerated male forms at some point. Sometime like the next comic.


1- I totally type "like" and use it in sentences the way some people might say "um" or "uh". I have pauses in my speech because I think before I speak. A lack of pauses is potentially just a person who doesn't think before they speak.

Granted, some people might not have pauses in their speech, and totally think everything through carefully before they speak anyway.

These people are witches.

Also I'm totally not drinking magic tea all the time that is not the explanation how dare you

2 - I have a fondness for some transformations, both mental and physical, that some would use those terms to describe, though I generally prefer actual intelligence stay where it is (or increase! Smart pants for all!). I used "Ditzy" in Goonmanji 2, for example.

But these are also words that get thrown around in reality with mean and often biased purposes, so I'm not really a fan of them, either. More of a "for a lack of a better word" thing.

GRANTED, what I mostly like is someone feeling energetic, impulsive and silly, and 'round EGS parts, we have the party form for that. So I probably could think of some better words, gosh darn it.